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The Texas Health Occupations Association (THOA, Inc) supports health educators.

Health Science Educators in Texas lead the way with innovative teaching, current accepted practices, and preparing our future healthcare professionals for the world of work in the 21st Century. Texas Health Occupations Association is the professional organization for teachers from any grade level to find support, professional development opportunities, and innovative lesson plans. THOA stays in touch with trends in Health Science education and upcoming changes to state and national standards. THOA offers a variety of professional development conferences and webinars to give its members a network of support and training. Mission: To empower Health Science Instructors to achieve maximum self-fulfillment and provide the best education for Health Science students. Vision: To improve health care in Texas by providing - Excellent professional development opportunities - Scholarships to Health Science teachers and students - Opportunities for recognition of excellence for teachers - A support system for teachers - Legislative updates regarding educational issues - Curriculum and updates on new health science courses

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